Playwright & writer

playwrightWriting plays was an early passion. Steve wrote his first scripts as a teenager at Secondary School.  He  began writing professionally for the theatre from 1981. He set up his own company to produce his first play The Wall,  performed in London and Cardiff.

His commissioned works include:

  • Frankenstein (1990)
  • Ship of Fools (1992)
  • From the Horse’s Mouth (2010)
  • Happy Hour (2011)

He has scripted many company devised productions, including:

  • Bare Necessities (1998) – Theatr Powys, Theatr Clwyd Outreach
  • Delwedd (1990) – Spectacle Theatre
  • Pop (1998) – Spectacle Theatre
  • The Clock (2001) – Spectacle Theatre

He was instrumental in setting up a writing team to translate the Friesian play Geweld Nee!  into English and Welsh.  He is a successful dramaturge, assisting many playwrights in the development of new writing.  He has  written countless short scripts for workshops and young people’s productions, of which the workshop script for HYPE ( Young people’s peer led education project ) is currently in its tenth year.